Valentine’s day Photoshoot Ideas

Is there anything happier than Valentine’s with kids? From chubby baby-thighs in the blushest pinks to gap-toothed smiles while wearing the boldest reds (and everything in between), we’re obsessed with it all.

On this memorable day dedicated to love, we moms get to bask in every scribbly drawn heart, messily-glued and glittered card, and chaos resulting from way too much candy. Whether you’re taking photos of your kids at home or after school parties, let thoughts of childhood-whimsy be at the forefront of every click of the camera.

Put yourself in their shoes.

What memories + traditions did you love as a child? What made you squeal with delight?

Do those things.

Play a few rounds of the classic games you grew up on. Things like Ring Around the Rosie, Tag, Red Light/Green Light, Hot Potato, Telephone, and any others!

Want to try something new? Come up with your own fun game. One we love is Hop-a-Heart: In a hopscotch-like pattern, stick hearts on the ground and have them do the whole thing on their tiptoes (those still-developing coordination will create loads of giggles and the cutest photos).

Confetti throwing has resulted in some of our favorite photos EVER. Watching the looks on our kids’ faces as colors flutter down onto their heads just gets us every time (make SURE you watch our VIDEO at the end of this post + see those excited confetti-loving faces).

TIP: If the mess of this stresses you out, remember…the bigger the confetti, the better (don’t even think of using glitter unless you’re ready to find it months later. hah). Yes it’s a bit messy but it’s nothing a good vacuuming can’t take care of.


We love balloons as much as we love confetti. Blow up a bunch and toss ’em on the ground to be kicked + played with…or fill a big one with helium!

Photos of your kids being goofy + playful are the BEST because you’ll forever be reminded of their little personalities in each shot. We want memory-making…NOT perfect pics where they’re simply standing there like bored little robots!


Sunglasses, bunting, or really ANY sort of prop or toy is a fun tool to allow play in photos.

Remember, it’s ok if they’re not looking at the camera. It’s ok when they’re being silly and goofing off.

We want this to be fun for them (and you!!) so the RIGHT kind of memories are being made: Memories of giggling and whimsy…not perfection and an irritated mom trying to get the “perfect” shot. Embrace the playful imperfection!


Utilize the dynamics of brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends in your shots. Have them hold hands, hug, tickle each other, or even cuddle and dote-on the younger ones. This day is all about loving the people around you…let’s put that love and kindness on full display!

And…don’t forget to get in a few photos with your kids!! I know, I know…you’d rather be behind the camera. We get it. But remember, this is for their memory-making as much as it is for yours! Long after you’re gone, they’re going to cherish these sweet photos of you together.


Don’t forget to take photos of them opening valentines and eating their treats (hello darling whipped cream or chocolate-coverered faces).

Also…there’s just something so cute about little kid hands. So take some closeups of that chipped nail polish on your daughter’s fingers as she munches on candy hearts…or snap a quick photo of those chubby baby fingers while your toddler grips a heart-shaped cookie or toy.

Little hands get big so quickly! Gah, the time just goes a bit too fast. Capture every memorable moment + darling detail you can. Years from now, you’ll be so glad you did.


Tell us about some favorite Valentines memories from your growing up…or some you’ve made with your children!

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