Have you ever thought of using party supplies as home decor? It might sound a bit weird but it’s become a favorite way to bring color, whimsy, and a little quirky into our home.

It all started because we (Teresa) were on a tight budget for so many years (hello adopting four kids from Ethiopia), I had to think outside the box on home decor. I’d tell friends: My easy go-to? Party supplies. Ok…party supplies + Target’s Dollar Spot + Goodwill. Anyway, I digress…as I look back on photos, I realize how fun that out-of-the-box thinking really is. It’s like living in a party!

Scroll through the below slideshow to see how these party decorations have become props in the background of our family’s photos! They definitely add some whimsy, don’t they?!

In an upcoming post, we’ll talk all about our favorite party supplies and where we get them. In the meantime, find some pink and red themed gifts + decor over HERE!

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