Reading As Memory Making

TIPS for Reading + Memory-Making

I’m admittedly a major book-nerd and gobble up words and pages like candy. Getting my kids to love books like I (Teresa) do, can sometimes be a struggle though…sadly though we have some bookish kids over here, others would often rather be on an electronic device (sighhhh).

But listen, if your kids roll their eyes and grumble at the thought of reading, don’t give up. Years ago, one of our kid’s teachers reminded me:

“If they don’t like reading, it’s just because they haven’t yet discovered the right book.”

And she was right. Once he found a wilderness series, he was all in.

I discovered early-on in parenting that an easy way to foster the love of reading is to make it into a fun and memorable event.In the summertime, we’ll load our wagon full of books, picnic blankets, lemonade, and a big bowl of watermelon and wheel ourselves over to the park. The kids all settle in with favorite books…some under a tree in the shade, some on the park bench, and others sprawled out on the grass, basking in the sunshine.

If the weather isn’t conducive to outside reading just yet, simply crawl into their bed or yours. Maybe even turn the lights down and read via the glow of candles or flashlight.

Pile blankets and pillows onto the floor in front of a roaring fire and a big bowl of popcorn. Pull out some of your childhood favorites and share some of your own memories with them as you read.

Yank those couch-cushions and grab a few blankets or sheets to build an old-school fort and cuddle up inside. If you have little kids, take turns reading their just-right books aloud. Or if your kids are bigger and more independent, have both you and them bring a book inside to read independently. Remember, even if you’re not reading aloud to one another… you’re still cuddled up near each other and making memories nonetheless. It’s curating an experience!

This isn’t even necessarily about encouraging them to sound out words and becoming strong readers (though that’s a definite plus).

The goal here is to create an atmosphere where reading is enjoyable and spending time with you is fun and makes you all smile. This is about memory-making, pure and simple….not because it’s a perfect Instagrammable moment.

I’d much rather my children remember cozy fort-readings than me nagging them to read more often. Learning in a fun way always wins out in the end.

We gave you a little sneak-peek of some of our favorite books in the video at the beginning of today’s article… but want even MORE recommendations?

We thought so.

CLICK HERE for MORE! We have ideas for both the little + bigger kids in your life.

We’d love you to share any of your family’s favorites as well…include them in the Comments!

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