Memory Making while @ Home

The months of COVID have felt like years, haven’t they? We all want life to get back to normal. It’s impacted us, adults, sure. Definitely, but we guarantee it’s taken an emotional toll on our sweet kiddos, too.

We’re all doing the best we can, right? But how do we actually flourish a bit during this time? How do we actually make some fun memories?

We need to realize that though this virus is horrible, we have been given a gift...

We are home with our families. If your city is locking down again like ours has…friends, activities, sports, has halted.

All the chaos of a busy life is suddenly off the table. Our everyday distractions have disappeared.

Sure virtual school is an overwhelming beast, and we’d like a little down-time, but while we’re safe at home, we have the ability for engaged conversation. We have the opportunity to spend more quality time with our kids and spouse. We can infuse new structure and intentionality into our days!

I (Teresa) have six kids and five of them are home. Let’s be honest…five kids home all day, every day, plus my husband and I (attempting) to work from home equals a bit of chaos and a whole lot of dishes and mess. So we’re deciding to do what we can to make it fun…to make goofy memories despite it all.

What if our kids actually looked back on COVID and remembered all the fun we had as a family? What if instead of stress and upheaval, they looked back on all the happy-memories created during this unique time?!

C’mom mamas…let’s make life a bit more fun and whole-lot of goofy.

  • Use a rolling office chair to sweep the floor + do chores.
  • Transform a headband + tulle into the perfect Trolls hairdo.
  • Wake up the kids wearing costumes + have them wear them all day, too.
  • Grab some silly outfits and have a photoshoot (they’re the photographer!).
  • A breakfast party complete with streamers.
  • Who needs a pillow fight or dodgeball…have a balloon fight instead.
  • A scavenger hunt for snack time (apple slices in a tupperware under their pillow? They’ll think it’s hilarious).
  • Dance party on mom and dad’s bed.
  • Christmas music when it’s not Christmas.
  • Don’t use silverware at dinner…a hands-only event.
  • A birthday cake (complete with candles) to celebrate Tuesday.
  • Live in a musical for an afternoon: No talking allowed…sing it instead!
  • Create a marching band using only household items (like pans for drums). Grab some earplugs because it’s loud…but you know they’ll have a blast!
  • Camp inside! Build a fort or put up the tent in your family room, drink hot cocoa, and read while cuddled inside…or if your kids are still virtual, do school camping-style!

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