I’m a pink-haired Enneagram One (and total dork)…I’m also a best-selling AuthorSpeaker, and Community Builder. I believe in encouraging rather than competing because there’s room for all of us women to succeed. We’re better together!

Our home is bursting at the seams with the loves of my life – my husband Ben and our six kids (four of whom were born in Ethiopia). In my “spare” time (haaaah…what’s THAT?!), I study and teach the Bible (my book + Bible Studies can be found here).

I love encouraging women while speaking about motherhood and creativity, hosting parties for literally any reason at all, skiing with our family (though admittedly they’re all better than I am), and infusing color + beauty into every corner of our Denver home (that was a major run-on sentence. Whew!).

I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating the everyday, and grasping joy amid the craziness of life (because choosing joy changes even those really, really hard times).

As I mentioned, I’m mom of six…which cracks me up because I thought I didn’t want kids (more about that in my book Beautifully Interrupted). My plan for my life was to get my doctorate in Art History and move to Europe to be Curator of some amazing museum. Preferably in Italy, because I’m sure that’s a really easy job to get (lol).

But sometimes life turns out even better than you initially plan…though definitely not without a ton of hurdles and opportunities for growth along the way. Remember that today, mama. There really is #magicinthemess.

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