There are two of us now, a beautifully creative and insightful team of Teresa and me. But before my dear friend joined in on this memory-making adventure, curating magic was an epiphany in my own life that I spent years uncovering.

The subsequent trauma I experienced from those circumstances set me on a lifelong journey toward healing. And through that healing, I quickly learned that my artistry and imagination are incredible protective coping/healing mechanisms as I genuinely believe that:

Because my mother spent so much of her life within the walls of hospitals, her greatest passion during periods of health was curating magical experiences full of celebration for my brother and myself.

Her life was a testament to how messy and painful the human experience can be, but she also taught me that there is so much love. She exuded the idea that magic exists each and every day. This is what legacy looks like for me as I strive to create that same magic for my children. Because of this, my mom’s love and impact will live on for generations to come.

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