If I asked what sparks joy, I bet you’d immediately think of Marie Kondo and whether or not the stuff in your house made you happy. But what if I asked what sparks joy in your heart? And in your life??

Curating Magic is all about curating and celebrating you and YOUR family. Christina and I love bright colors and stilettos and everything a little bit…you know…extra. Because that’s what brings us joy. BUT…if those extra details stress you out…don’t do ’em. As in, don’t give them a second thought.

If you’d rather poke your eyes out than create a hand-made photo background, by all means, take pictures instead by a wall near a window (for good light) or your garage door. We never EVER want you to feel like you have to do ALL the things we suggest. We’re just giving you options! Celebrate what brings YOU joy! Just do the few that feel good and fill you up.

Remember, a mom with too many balls in the air is going to drop some. We want you to intentionally set down the balls that aren’t for you in this season, so nothing comes tumbling down out of stress or feelings of inadequacy.

No #momguilt allowed, m’kay?

For me (Teresa), I’ve set down homemade Valentines, Christmas cards, and cooking dinner every single night of the week (at this point all of our kids are old enough to cook, so we empower them to cook for the family a few nights a week).

In a perfect world, I’d sit down with each kid to help with homework. But because I simply cannot do everything needed for six children plus working full-time…we have a high school girl who helps with all-things homework. And since I set down that ball, I’m able to enjoy sitting with the family during dinner instead. Besides…I’d rather talk about their day over tacos than grill them on their times-tables anyway (let’s be honest, I’m just not a math girl).

So mama? Celebrate things that bring you joy. There are lots of times we have to hold onto joy with white-knuckles as we choose to remember it’s an honor to serve our kids (you know, like cleaning up puke or staying up all night with a crying baby).

But because so much of life is mindset, we need to make sure we take time for things that fill our cup. Things that truly spark joy and allow us to celebrate the everyday.

So tell us…how do YOU celebrate what brings you joy??

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